Switch your screen vertically for optimal navigation

The Quechua Phone 5" will be available online
and in selection of Decathlon stores
from December 5th.

  • GPS

    In order to navigate easily and rapidly, the Quechua 5" Phone is equipped with an assisted GPS that can acquire a signal more rapidly thanks to the wifi-3G assistance. It computes the location faster and opens up the GPS function more quickly.

    The GPS can be used once the applications are already pre-loaded (Google Maps / Navigation) or even by downloading the GPS application of your choice by yourself. In order to update the assisted GPS, you will need an internet connection.

    During use, above all do not forget to activate it in the settings> access to localisation data > GPS satellites > Localisation using wifi and mobile network.

    When hiking, different factors can affect the accuracy of the GPS:
    - the orientation of the device: it is preferable to hold the smartphone horizontally with the screen pointing upwards
    - the topology: in very enclosed areas (ravines, gorges) or near to a steep rock face, the GPS will only be able to receive data from the satellites on one side.
    - Electromagnetic interference (high voltage lines, etc.)

    Furthermore, don't forget that every GPS requires time to acquire the satellites (generally 1 minute). If you are not in an ideal position, wait a few minutes holding the device stationary and the level of accuracy should improve by itself.

    Please visit quechuaphone.com on your desktop for more information.